About us

Welcome to C2®, the extension of COCHIC®. Just like COCHIC®, C2® represents creativity, comfort and innovation.

C2® was created and inspired by its environment. Located in the urban city of Montreal, C2® is inspired by the streetwear dynamic that our colorful city brings. C2® identifies to the streetwear codes to bring unique and innovative garments.


Our Values

Driven by excellence and style, our mission is to continue to innovate and to introduce uniquely patented products offering comfort and elegance.

Our corporate values reach beyond manufacturing and selling. C2® is a socially conscious company and strives to make a difference in the local communities.



Gloria International Inc. offers a 90-day manufacturing guarantee when returned with proof of purchase. Shipping charges are bared by the consumer.

Located in Montreal, Canada, the company’s Head Office is the birthplace of all C2® creations. 


Call Us

+1 888 596 5518